The Delta Force of Washington County was created in 2016 to serve as a Community Based Recovery Committee for the Washington County community.

This committee is comprised of community leaders, church leaders and community volunteers with the central goal of assisting with relief and long-term recovery efforts stemming from disasters in our community. The Delta Force of Washington County will work to meet the unmet needs suffered by citizens and organizations in Washington County caused by natural or man-made disasters and other disaster related needs.

Collaborations and partnerships are key to the success of this committee as they strive to ensure disaster relief efforts are not duplicated throughout our community and that resources are combined to yield maximum results in the face of future disasters.

With guidance from both the Mississippi Emergency Management Association and the Washington County Emergency Services leadership, this committee has set up its structure according to “best practices” and is prepared to serve our community. Donors can contribute to this fund and play a significant role in the relief and recovery efforts here in Washington County, both now and in future disasters. Please make check payable to: Community Foundation of Washington County with The Delta Force of Washington County Charitable Fund in the memo line. Mail to: P.O. Box 5910, Greenville, MS 38704. 

The Delta Force of Washington County

Were You Affected by the March Flood?? 

Do You Need Help Recovering??

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL (662) 335-3296, 662-687-1117 or 662-907-7760