Contact Information Telephone Numbers: Main Number: 228.594.3000

Fax Number: 228.385.7894

Mailing Address: Mississippi Recovery Office 220 Popps Ferry Road Biloxi, MS 39591 Media Inquires: 228.594.3560


~~After an emergency and once the immediate danger is over, your continued safety and well-being will depend on your ability to cope with rearranging your life and environment. During the recovery period, you must take care of yourself and your animals to prevent stress-related illnesses and excessive financial burdens. During recovery, you should also consider things to do that would lessen (mitigate) the effects of future disasters.

~~The Mississippi Recovery Office The Mississippi Recovery Office (MSRO) was established after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Originally operating as a Joint Field Office, the office transitioned into a longer term Recovery Office in April 2006. The MSRO is a part of FEMA Region IV and is under the direction of Regional Administrator Phil May. Locally, the MSRO is led by Director Dennis Kizziah. FEMA continues to be an integral part of the recovery following Hurricane Katrina. The recovery is not without its challenges, as the magnitude of Katrina presented an unprecedented level of destruction. Along with our state partner, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency , FEMA continues to work with local governments and organizations to rebuild stronger and safer communities.