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Has Your Business?

1.Identified/ analyzed and evaluated hazards/threats for the business

2.Listed Criticalities- Determined a “critical” functions list

3. Performed a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) –A BIA will prioritize business functions by evaluating potential damages (financial and non-financial) to the business when a particular event disrupts your operations and services

4.Created a Recovery Strategy- delivers the measures to take to make sure your operations continue following a disruption

5.Developed a Plan- based on risk evaluation and business impact analysis to describe procedures, priorities and resources for:

a. Emergency response operations

b.Crisis communications

c.Coordination with external agencies

d.Enhanced action plans to make certain critical business functions can continue.

6.Performed a Recovery Plan Exercises- Tabletop exercises, drills and full scale exercises to assess the viability of the plan

7.Maintained the Plan- Businesses change… People, location, and equipment to name a few. Maintenance of the plan will provide updates and revisions as needed to ensure effectiveness at all times

Business Continuity

Help yourself, your employees and keep your business going after a disruption by developing a strong continuity plan!